Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Jan 25, 2021

A question that many couples ask is ‘do I need a Wedding Planner – when I can do it all myself ‘ ?

I’ve been chatting to lovely Lindsay the very creative and organised Wedding Professional behind Chouette Events.

We had a very interesting conversation about why you might choose to use a wedding planner for your wedding day.  And it turns out whatever your budget, or however little or much help you need – she can help you to make your planning and your day go smoothly and without stress.

A little bit of background.

Lindsay the wedding planner sitting looking at the camera

​I’m from Birmingham, and I studied French at university for 4 years, and dabbled in a handful of other languages along the way.

I spent a year living in France as part of my studies, where I caught the travel bug, and I’ve never looked back!

Since I graduated I’ve been lucky enough to visit 30 European capital cities and also been to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.

How did you get involved in the Wedding Industry?

I’m obsessed with food and I’ve had a career in hospitality in various venues across the Midlands for the past 8 years.  I’ve enjoyed working with a range of businesses from family-run hotels to brand new conference facilities.

Because of this I’ve built up lots of amazing experience and valuable knowledge while working on weddings, parties, dinners and events of all kinds.


What are you offering couples?

Some couples find that organising and planning a wedding can be stressful.  For busy couples, having the time to find great suppliers that they like can take a lot of time.  It can turn what should be a happy time into something quite daunting.

That’s why I’m offering my expertise to help people plan their perfect wedding, from the most intimate gathering to the more elaborate.

How do you help couples?

champagne bottle, bucket and 2 glasses on a table in a garden

I’ve built a portfolio of exceptional businesses where couples can easily find a variety of reputable, friendly and reliable wedding professionals.  All in one place saving hours of time that would otherwise be sent searching the internet.

Some couples only need a little support and others a lot more.

I love to work more closely with couples so that I can help them to figure out exactly what it is they want for their wedding, while throwing in some ideas for them to think about too.


That’s exactly where my experience and love of weddings and events comes in.  I have loads of great local contacts, plenty of experience and insider tips and advice. I want to share this with anyone planning weddings or other important events.


What’s the most important thing for couples to get right?

food and drinks on a table at an evening party

Supplier sourcing is number one.  That’s why getting the right team together is absolutely the key and my couples will have the benefit of all my industry experience to help them make the right choices.

What regions do you work in?

We’re Birmingham based and we cover all the Middle England Counties.

What does it costs to have the benefit of your expertise?

So that we can offer a tailored and cost-effective service, we only charge for the elements you want help with, which keeps your costs down.

Which is why we offer 3 different levels which you can pick and choose from according to your needs.

You’ll find all the details on my here on my website

I’d love to talk to you about your special day.

I’m looking forward to working with you again Lindsay

Thank you Lindsay, it’s been great chatting with you. Your Wedding Planning Service really helps couples to start enjoying the planning of their big day. 

They can relax knowing that they’re in your good hands.  Your years of experience in the catering and events industry is invaluable.

I’m delighted to be on your list of local wedding professionals and I’m really looking forward to working with you again on joint projects in the future.

If you’re planning your wedding day 

Wedding Planning for 2022 and 2023 is in full swing right now and you could save yourself a lot of time and stress by speaking to a Wedding Planner.

Get help with researching venues, officiants and suppliers. Take advantage of a Wedding Planner’s experience and knowledge of the Wedding Industry.

You can have fun on your ‘mood boards’ (Pinterest is fantastic) which is the fun part where you can build up a board of all the things that you’d love to include on your special day.  Take your time and above all enjoy it.

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