Something about me

Hello and welcome.  Here’s a little something about me.  I’m a Family Celebrant based in the Heart of England.  Born in Stourbridge and still living here.  I work throughout the middle of England and into Wales.  I’m open-minded, honest, caring and inclusive and I love to meet people from all communities, faiths, and  lifestyles.  I’m an animal lover and I’m a regular volunteer at my local Greyhound Trust branch.  I love being outdoors and I feel lucky to be living close to our lovely English countryside where I can get out walking in nature very easily.

I’m committed to having a more sustainable lifestyle.  I’m a big believer that we can all ‘do our bit’ to change our habits and become more eco-conscious.  Small changes every day add up – and it’s never too late to begin.  I’m following this lifestyle choice in my working life too.  To create Sustainable Wedding Ceremonies, and to help my all eco-conscious couples to have a greener Wedding Day.  I’m a member of The Sustainable Wedding Alliance which is a group of Wedding Professionals of all kinds who have one important thing in common.  We all care about our planet and we are actively working towards having a more sustainable Wedding Business.


No two people are the same


Every Celebrant is different and unique and we each bring different qualities and experiences to our work.  Throughout the years I’ve gained a lot of life experience and insights into life and people.  I worked for Local Government, as a Financial Adviser and as a Foster Carer.  So I’ve seen life from all sides.  I’ve lived in different countries (Sweden and Greece) too. This has all led me to where I am now.  Happily creating Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Farewell Ceremonies for couples and families who want to do things their own way as they celebrate milestone life events.  Celebrating their individuality and following their own hearts.




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Being Creative

I’ve always enjoyed creating things.  I’ve made Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses for friends and family in the past.  I love a furniture upcycling project.  I’ve made jewellery using natural materials like semi-precious stones, copper, and glass.

I’m an animal lover, non meat eater, and I love baking and cooking..

I like getting outside in my garden.  I love our native British flowers. And I like to dabble in a bit of vegetable growing too.

I’m a big reader and I always have a book on the go! I appreciate words and poetry and I love live music of all kinds.

Life’s an Adventure


Being single hasn’t stopped me from having life adventures and going off travelling on my own. I went to live in Sweden for a year when I was younger, and I’ll always have wonderful memories of this.  I lived in Crete for six months which was a totally different culture and climate.  More recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in Italy and before lockdown I had a marvellous adventure driving down to Italy with my dog, for a three-month summer stay.  It’s exciting to experience new cultures and meet new people.  I’m slowly planning my next adventure – to get a Campervan and go exploring so watch this space.


‘The attention to detail in crafting a truly beautiful ceremony, and her calm nature made the family’s day’

Romance, Joy and Tears


Life is full of ups and downs.  It’s important to celebrate the good times and milestones.  And to commemorate our loved ones too.  I work closely with you so that I can tell your love story within your Wedding Ceremony or the story of your family and loved one in a Celebration of Life Ceremony.  Together we create a ceremony that’s just how you want it to be.  I collaborate closely with you to craft a Personalised Ceremony, that is totally unique to you and your family.  Full of honesty, joy and maybe even some tears.  It will be a day to remember.  If this sounds like what you want for your special day let’s have a chat..

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