Celebrate a life well lived

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Say goodbye in your own way

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to arrange a funeral service, please accept my condolences. I’d like to offer my service to help you have the kind of ceremony that’s right and fitting for you and your loved one.

‘’I was very pleased with everything and thank her very much for making the occasion a fitting tribute’’

Times are changing

Families today may have a different attitude to funerals because religion is becoming less important to many. This has meant a growth in personalised ceremonies created by a Celebrant.   This is now the popular choice in many areas of the country.  A Celebration of Life Ceremony created specifically for your loved one allows you to have total freedom in the way you say goodbye. There are no rules for you to follow.

Unique Ceremonies

Each ceremony is as individual as the person whose life we are celebrating.

A Celebration of Life Ceremony reflects the unique character and achievements of your loved one. Each ceremony is a one-off, that acknowledges your family’s grief and loss but celebrates a life well lived.

You can choose prayers and hymns.  Or poetry, readings and music which mean something to you or your loved one. I’ll make the ceremony as uplifting as possible in the circumstances, as we celebrate the life, character and achievements of your loved one.

‘’Thank you on behalf of all my family for your kind care and attention and hard work with my dad’s funeral.

In a place that’s special

Did you know that you can have the ceremony at a venue of your choice?

As well as having the ceremony at your local crematorium,  I also offer you the option to have it at a different venue.  If you prefer it, I can conduct the Ceremony at the same venue as the Wake, which means that you’ll have much more time for your ceremony.  I am also able to officiate the ceremony in the evening so that more family members and friends will be able to come along.  As there is more time available, more friends and family members will be able to read their own personal tributes should they wish to.

Think about choosing a venue that means something to your family or had a special meaning for your loved one.  If they were a sports fan you could hold it at their sports club. Football, Golf and Rugby Clubs all have facilities for this type of occasion, and you could hire the venue on a day and time to suit you. You can think about other venues for hire like a restaurant, a hotel venue, a community room, or maybe use your home or garden if there’s enough room. 

I also create Memorial Services to commemorate the death of your loved one or if it wasn’t possible to have a ceremony at the same time as the committal.


There are many different options available and I’d be happy to answer any questions and give my advice.

Personal Tributes

It’s always an honour and a privilege to create a goodbye ceremony for a loved one, and I’ll make sure you have the ceremony that you want. Wherever you choose to have the Ceremony, I’ll work with you to make it happen.  Whether that’s in the local Crematorium or a private venue. 

If you choose a Crematorium Ceremony but would like a bit more time I can come to the Wake venue where I can help you to include more readings, tributes, poetry and music.  It would be a much more relaxed part of the Ceremony, with more time for the extra elements.

My speaker and microphone will allow you to play your pre-chosen music choices during the follow-on ceremony.  When the ceremony and Wake are combined in this way there is so much more time for family and friends to take an active part in it.  I’d be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

‘’If you are seeking a Celebrant to craft the most touching and personal celebration of life, I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough.’’

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Celebrating Life

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