Celebration of Life Ceremonies


If you’re in the sad position of having to arrange a funeral service, I’m very sorry for your loss.  

Are you looking for an Independent Funeral Celebrant in the West Midlands?

Do you want help to create a very personal celebration of life ceremony or memorial ceremony for your loved one?

​Do you want to create a unique, authentic and uplifting celebration of the life of your loved one?

Maybe you’ve been considering a direct cremation and then a heartfelt ceremony in the location of your choice with no time constraints?

Or a uniquely personal venue for the ceremony followed by a direct cremation?

​I’m here to answer all the questions you’re bound to have and to help you and your family to have the kind of ceremony that’s right for you and your loved one.


I was very pleased with everything and thank her very much for making the occasion a fitting tribute


Modern Farewell Ceremonies

Families today are looking for a much more personal and authentic experience in the way they say goodbye to loved ones. Religion is becoming less important to many, but spiritual beliefs are still very important to most.   I’m an lndependent Celebrant specialising in creating authentic farewell ceremonies that celebrate the life of your loved one in a unique and personal way.

A Celebration of Life Ceremony created specifically for your loved one which allows you to have total freedom in the way you say goodbye.

Personalised Ceremonies


I know how important it is to you that your farewell ceremony is as individual as your loved one.

That’s why I work closely with you to create a Celebration of Life Ceremony that’s a reflection of the unique character and achievements of your loved one. It will be a ‘one-off’ because no-one else is the same as your loved one.  The ceremony acknowledges your grief and loss and also celebrates a life well lived.

I’m not a Humanist, which means that there are no rules or restrictions. I absolutely encourage you to choose whichever prayers, hymns, poetry, readings and any kind of music that reflects the life and personality of your loved one.  Family tributes are also a very special way to acknowledge and share special thoughts and moments.

Together we’ll create a totally authentic ceremony to celebrate the life, character and achievements of your loved one and say your farewells.



Thank you on behalf of all my family for your kind care and attention and hard work with my dad’s funeral

Celebration of Life Ceremony at a venue of your choosing


You can have the ceremony at any venue of your choice.

I know that many families like you are led by their Funeral Director towards the ‘go-to’ choice – your local Crematorium.

In fact, you can have the Ceremony at many different and wonderful places. Why not choose a venue that means something to your family or had a special meaning for your loved one?  If they were a sports fan, you could hold it at their sports club.  This is also a wonderful way to involve their sports club friends.

There are many beautiful and appropriate venues in the area that are available for family events, such as barns and other event spaces.  Local woodland areas or favourite spaces might be the perfect choice for outdoor lovers.  Maybe you’d like to use your home or garden if there’s enough room – this is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a family member that loved their garden.  These kinds of venues are much more child-friendly and make it so much easier for children and grandchildren to be involved and say their goodbyes along with the rest of the family.

 I can point you in the direction of beautiful barns, event spaces, woodland areas, natural burial sites, hotels, where you can hold your Celebration of Life Ceremony.  There’s no need to follow the traditional route that your Funeral Director will inevitably lead you towards.

 I also officiate Celebration of Life Ceremonies in the early evening or at the weekend, which means that more of your extended family members and friends will be able to come along too.

Get in touch to ask me any questions you are bound to have.  I’m happy to offer you my help.

Older Man and Woman sitting on a bench

It’s always an honour and a privilege to create a farewell ceremony for your loved one, and I’m here to ensure you have exactly the kind of ceremony that you want, wherever you choose, whether that’s in the local Crematorium or another venue of your own choice.

If you need help to choose readings, poetry and music I’m here for you. You can include any elements that help you to remember and celebrate the unique life and interests of your loved one.  We’ll acknowledge your loss and even have a few smiles too as we share some of your special moments.  Every friend and family member will have their own memories and if you’d like your family and friends to take an active part with personal tributes that is always so special, and I fully recommend it.

Every life is different and it’s important to me that you have the farewell ceremony that is right for you and your loved. It may be a very small ceremony with just a few close family members, or something larger scale.  Whatever, it is I give you the same care and attention, working very closely with you to ensure that everything is exactly as you want it – an authentic, fitting ceremony to celebrate their life.



If you’re seeking a Celebrant to craft the most touching and personal celebration of life, I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough


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