Naming Ceremonies



Naming Ceremonies



are such a happy family occasion and a wonderful reason for a party!  Whether you have a new born, are adopting or fostering, or perhaps you’re two families coming together.

Let’s introduce your new family member/s to the whole family and the wider community with personalised Naming Ceremony.

What a great way to share the challenges of being a parent and retell any little family situations and stories that would be fun to share.

Time to talk about the impact your new addition/s will have on your family – brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents can all get involved.


Naming Ceremony. Tailored to your family. Children playing with a ball


Personalised Ceremonies


Your celebration can be held anywhere you want it.  Why not hire a venue with room for children to run around if it’s going to be a big affair.  And an Outdoor Ceremony would be great in this case too.  Bouncy Castles and Street Food Vendors would go down well.

If you want something more intimate for very close family members you might choose to have it at home or at one of the many wonderful venues that you can hire for occasions like this.


Very well written, the ceremony was relaxed and everyone thought it was lovely

children playing outdoors


Guide Parents


or God Parents as they’re traditionally known can be a part of the Ceremony.   Who will you choose – maybe you’ll ask your friends or relatives who share the same values as you?

They’ll promise to provide a safety net should it ever be needed, and a caring and loving influence on them going forward in life.

Will you choose just a couple of people or create a whole team of friends all with their own special skills and qualities?

Brothers and sisters of the new arrival/s can also be given a role in the ceremony.  It’s a great way to cement family ties and relationships.

With different generations and all parts of the family coming together to welcome their newest member/s in a happy and joyful celebration.  It’s going to be a wonderful family event.



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