Small Relaxed Wedding Inspiration

Jun 3, 2020

Looking for some wedding inspiration for your wedding?  Something more individual and fun?  Want to keep things informal and relaxed but still full of meaning?

The joys of a small and relaxed wedding are plain to see. Many couples are choosing to have an intimate wedding ceremony.

Elopements, Micro Weddings and Intimate Weddings are now a very popular alternative as couples just like you are looking for a way to have their special day while staying safe.

One of the big considerations for couples right now is to stay within Government guidelines and avoid unnecessary risks to friends and family members.

But there are also many other wonderful reasons why small and relaxed weddings have been gaining popularity in recent years.  We’ll have a look at some of those reasons.




Are you looking for inspiration for your own wedding?


Modern weddings can be as individual as you are. In fact individuality is absolutely celebrated. Your wedding day is the perfect time to celebrate the real you and to do things your own way. You don’t have to follow rules or make anyone happy except yourselves.

Have you considered an elopement?  Elopement Weddings are exciting, fun, romantic and unforgettable.

An elopement wedding with just you two, the Officiant, two witnesses and usually a photographer, is such a wonderfully romantic way to make your commitment to each other.

A Celebrant can create a personalised symbolic ceremony just for you, all about your love story.  No witnesses are needed so your wedding party will be even more intimate.

Elopement has a very special romantic and relaxed atmosphere, as you only have each other to think about and no-one else to please. They’re often planned and carried out in secret which adds to the excitement of the day


Micro and Tiny Weddings


micro weddings and small weddings inspiration for your big day


A micro wedding usually has up to 20 guests in total, and a tiny wedding up to 50 guests. They are more informal and won’t need as much planning, so they are much less stressful for you.

Modern couples like you love the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of smaller weddings, which allow you more time to spend with your special guests and close family members, instead of trying to share yourselves between 100’s of guests.

You’ll also save money. The amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen will probably be less. Think of the savings on dresses, suits, shoes, make-up and hair and of course flowers and thank you gifts.

Have loads of fun deciding where to spend this saving!  Will you go all out on a dream honeymoon destination, or spend it setting up your new home?  Or maybe you want to upgrade your venue choice, food and drinks supplies.  Or really go to town on your entertainment.


Beautiful Venues


lakeside wedding ceremony area


I’m happy to share with you some of the wonderful wedding venues in the Heart of England area.  Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and West Midlands.  Follow the links below to find out more.

There are so many beautiful venues to choose from for smaller and more intimate wedding settings. Imagine wonderful country settings like barn conversions, historic homes or a converted industrial building brought ban up to date.


Outdoor Ceremony

An outdoor or semi-outdoor venue is fantastic and also a really special way to exchange your wedding vows.

Did you know that a Celebrant can create and officiate your symbolic ceremony outdoors under open skies, in an orchard, by a lake, on top of a hill, in a forest, on a beach, in your own garden, in fact virtually anywhere.

The only limit is your imagination and the land owners permission of course. An outdoor wedding ceremony is very special indeed, and a tipi wedding gives you the outdoors-indoors experience that many couples love.

I have many contacts in the local area and I can help you to find what you’re looking for.  Just follow the links at the bottom of the page to find them and don’t forget to mention my name !


Celebrant Ceremonies


A Celebrant offers a very personal wedding ceremony


Have a totally personal wedding ceremony that’s all about you and your love story.  A Celebrant created and officiated symbolic ceremony is a totally personal ceremony that reflects you and your partner.

Writing your own Wedding Vows (highly recommended) is such a wonderful thing to do.  When you speak from the heart on your Wedding Day and tell your partner what it is that you really love about them there’ll be tears all round (of joy).  This is one of the most special parts of a Celebrant created Wedding Ceremony.

Include your children and family members, even your dog in your Ceremony.  Anything is possible.  It’s a truly modern wedding ceremony for couples who want something very personal to them.

Of course, you can also have a ceremony that follows a more traditional format too – it’s all entirely up to you.


But is it a ‘real’ wedding?


Bride and Groom reading exchanging Vows


This will most definitely be your ‘real’ wedding as it will be all about you and your love story.  You’ll also be exchanging Wedding Vows that you’ve written yourselves. What could be more real than that?

The legal paperwork will take place at the register office where you repeat the official words of the Registrar.  It’s usually planned the week before, takes just 30 minutes and costs £60 currently.

Once the paperwork is out of the way you will then enjoy your real Wedding Ceremony where you celebrate your love for each other with something totally personal, written all about you and your love story.  Exchanging Wedding Vows you’ve written yourselves while your friends and family take an active part in your Ceremony too if you wish.  Is that real enough for you!

If you’d like a more relaxed, personal and intimate wedding ceremony get in touch with me for a chat. I’d love to help you bring your plans to life.

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Fairytale Wedding Venue, on the Welsh Borders

Secret Garden Wedding Venue, Birmingham

Alcott Lakeside Festival Wedding Venue, Worcestershire

The Lion Ballroom, quirky historical Wedding Venue, Leominster

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