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Romantic Elopement Ceremonies


Congratulations!  You’re engaged and thinking about an Elopement Wedding.  There are so many reasons why elopements are so very popular with modern couples.  First of all they’re very intimate and romantic.  You don’t have to think about anyone else but yourselves.  Spending your whole wedding day just being with the person you love is such a beautiful experience. From the moment you wake-up in the morning to when you fall into a blissful sleep at the end of your day, you can indulge yourselves doing whatever makes you happy.  I create Wild Elopement Weddings in the heart of England.


Eco-Friendly Wedding Day


Eco Friendly Weddings for nature lovers, that don’t have a big impact on our planet.  I’m committed to being more Sustainable with my Wedding Ceremonies. Which is why I made the decision to create Wild Elopement Ceremonies that use very little in the way of resources, yet offer a wonderfully unique Wild Wedding experience.


Wedding Vows

The two of you are the focus of your Elopement Wedding Day, not distant family members who you haven’t seen for years.  Your Ceremony and your Wedding Vows will be at the heart of your day.  And I’ll help you to write your own Wedding Vows using your own words from your heart.  They’ll be totally personal to the two of you.  Because I know you don’t want to repeat someone else’s words.  Why would you?  You want to speak your own truths and express your love in your own unique way.  It’s so much more meaningful.


Together, we’ll create a Wedding Ceremony that’s everything you’ve dreamed it will be.   Doing what feels right for you.

”I choose to kiss you in the wind for the wind is gentler than my lips”

Bride and Groom Laughing

Woodland Wedding

We’ve got so many beautiful places here in the Heart of England for a Wild Elopement Wedding.  And there’s something very special about our ancient woodland and forest.  The sense of time and history that’s captured by the trees and the wonderful earthy smell of the plants and flowers as you walk amongst them.  The dappled sunlight caressing your head and shoulders.  Can you hear the sound of the birds singing their morning chorus as you exchange your Wedding Vows with the one you love.  Perhaps you’re standing barefoot and feeling the grass between your toes?  Can you feel the wind brushing gently across your face?



Sunrise Wedding Ceremony


Let’s have fun together as we create your perfect Wild Elopement Ceremony which can be at any time you want from sunrise to sunset.  Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a Wedding Ceremony at sunrise, a beautiful new day just beginning as you make your Vows and Promises with the one you love.  Or is a  romantic evening Ceremony calling to you, overlooking a spectacular landscape as the sun casts it’s golden light all around before disappearing over the horizon.   You can have your Elopement Ceremony wherever and whenever you want.

Wild Elopement
Two young brides with long hair. Lying together in the sand dunes with the sea behind

At the end of the day your feel should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling!

Follow your Heart


Don’t miss out on opportunities that will only come around once.  Allow the wind to lift your spirit and carry you along with the breeze. When you listen to your heart and allow it to tell you where to go, you’ll find contentment.  Money can’t buy happiness, it comes from within.  So listen to what your heart is telling you to do, and go ahead and do it.







Outdoor Wedding Ceremony



Write your own Vows


I help you to express in your own words exactly what you love about your partner and why you are marrying them.  Maybe even the funny, quirky things they do that make you love them even more.

What they mean to you.  How they’ve helped and supported you.  Why you can’t imagine life without them.

Writing your own wedding vows is so special and an opportunity not to be missed.  Your friends and family will be overjoyed as they hear you using your own words.  Expect a few tears of joy!





Bride and Groom with Celebrant
woodland wedding ceremony


Elopement Wedding Package

If you’d like to have your own Secret Elopement, in the Heart of England and Wales get in touch for a chat.  As well as creating your Personalised Wedding Ceremony and helping you to write your own Wedding Vows, I work with a number of local photographers who will document your special day.  Let’s have an informal chat to discuss your plans.

Let the adventure begin…..

The Legal Part


A Wild Elopement Wedding is not currently a legal marriage.  Most couples do the legalities with a ‘2 + 2’ Ceremony at the Register Office a week earlier.  Just you and 2 witnesses in a very quick legal transaction which costs around £60.- £160 depending on the Local Authority.

Leaving you free to have a wonderful Wild Wedding in the place you’ve dreamed of with absolutely No Rules to worry about.

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