Self isolation has also meant restrictions for funerals.  This is a difficult time for all bereaved families. However there are options available to you so that you can commemorate your loved one after the restrictions are lifted.


Coming together to acknowledge our loss


When a loved one dies we instinctively turn to our family and friends for support. We want to have them around us as we try and come to terms with what’s happened. It’s only natural. Our familiar cultural or religious rituals will also help us get through this difficult time. Coming together to acknowledge our loss and to celebrate the life of our loved one. This helps us get through the process of saying goodbye and starts the beginning our grieving.


Restricted numbers at ceremony


Unfortunately, this normal process has been disrupted by our current situation and social isolation rules. Restrictions on gatherings have now been tightened for funeral and celebration of life ceremonies too. To protect everyone involved most cemeteries and crematoriums in my area now only allow less than 10 mourners to attend the ceremony. It’s a necessary but very difficult ruling for families.

How to protect ‘at risk’ mourners


Working within the restrictions on funerals it’s possible for you to have the ceremony webcast live to your family members who can’t be there in person and can be recorded too to watch at a later time. This will at least help those who can’t attend to get some closure, which is important to allow the grieving process to begin. Close family members may also get some comfort from knowing that the rest of the family are taking part in the ceremony too in some way.

The traditional ‘wake’ where family and friends gather to share memories and funny stories, and share food and drink together is another one of our rituals which is important to us and offers us some comfort after the ceremony. Now of course this familiar ritual can’t take place either.


After the self isolation period


Current restrictions on funerals  don’t mean that you won’t ever be able to have your ceremony and wake, it just can’t happen at the moment. Once the social isolation restrictions are lifted, you will be able have a ‘Memorial’ ceremony with all your family and friends gathered around you to remember your loved one and to celebrate their life. If you want to combine it with a scattering/burial of ashes ceremony, that is easy to arrange.

Or if you prefer to scatter the ashes with just close family present that is entirely your choice.  This can be followed later with a celebration of life ceremony combined with a wake.  It can be attended by your extended family at any suitable venue you choose. This gives all the family an opportunity to contribute personal memories and tributes or to choose poetry to be read out and to choose music that has a special relevance.  Sharing memories with family and friends in this way will help you to say farewell in the way you want to.  It’s also an important step to help you move forward in your grieving process


Live Webcast Ceremony


I am available to create a ceremony for you which you can all follow online. We’ll talk over the phone or by live chat, and you’ll tell me what you want included and I will webcast the ceremony from my own home. This will keep everyone safe and within the self-isolation rules. Whatever happens there will still be a way to have a farewell ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one.


I am an experienced Funeral Celebrant based in Stourbridge.


Contact me here if you’d like ask any questions or would like me to create a ceremony for you.

I will be honoured to help you to create a fitting memorial ceremony to be held wherever you want it.