LGBTQ+ Weddings frequently asked questions

Apr 4, 2020



Same Sex Wedding Planning

How is planning a lgbtq+ wedding any different to planning a heterosexual wedding?

lgbtq+ Weddings frequently asked questions. Unlike heterosexual couples, you may find yourselves explaining your relationship with every wedding supplier you speak to. Fortunately, these days same sex weddings are generally accepted as perfectly ordinary in the UK, Europe, US and many other parts of the world.

Couples rarely encounter any real difficulties, but as the wedding industry has traditionally been all about heterosexual couples there may be a little uncertainty around some areas of this most special day.




same sex weddings

Deciding who to invite/not to invite

You might have relatives who are very traditional in their views and so you’re not sure whether or not to invite them to share your special day with you. This can be a dilemma and one of the most frequently asked questions.

There’s no right or wrong so be guided by your own feelings on this. It’s only natural to want your grandparents, parents and other family members at your wedding, but consider the risk of inviting those that might bring some unwanted drama to your day.  This is a lgbtq+ wedddings frequently asked question that deserves careful consideration.

If they’ve not been very accepting of your relationship in the past do you really want them at your wedding? It’s your day and it should be a day of celebration and joy and all about you and what makes you happy. If that means just having your all of your supportive friends and no relatives at your wedding then so be it!




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Walking down the aisle – the best way to do it

Lgbtq+ Weddings don’t need to follow any particular rules when deciding who should walk down the aisle, as this tradition is usually gender based and so may not have any bearing on your relationship.

Either one of you might arrive first to await the other. You may want to ask your father to walk you down the aisle or your mother. Ask your brother, sister, friend to walk you. Consider doing it completely differently and walk down the aisle together holding hands, or each approach from a different direction and have in effect two aisles.

Get really creative with this if you want to. Really, just do it how it feels right for you.




lgbtq+ frequently asked questions

The Ceremony – how to make it unique

Your day is going be a one-off, unique, and never to be repeated. Have a Wedding Ceremony that reflects this by having it written just for you. Don’t forget that the ceremony is the whole point of your Wedding Day, so make sure it’s a true reflection you and your beliefs and life.

Consider appointing a Wedding Celebrant to craft a bespoke ceremony and officiate on the day. A Celebrant isn’t restricted by any boring rules or regulations and can create a symbolic Wedding Ceremony that is all about you both.
Have the ceremony in any location you choose, indoors or under the open skies.

It adds a totally personal, unique dimension to your special day, and to top it all you get to write your own Wedding Vows. You just say what’s in your heart and this can be romantic, quirky, or downright funny – it’s entirely up to you.




lgbtq+ wedding choosing your style

How to choose Wedding outfits that don’t clash

You’ll probably want to keep your outfit a secret and surprise your partner on the day, but maybe you’re worried about clashing styles and colours.

If you have a theme and a colour that you’re using for your whole day it’ll be easy to carry this through to your outfits. Otherwise, sit down together and decide on a colour scheme and style of clothes. Make sure you choose colours that compliment and flatter your skin tones.

Avoid looking completely at odds with each other. Rockin’ up in a leather ‘biker’ style jacket if your partner is wearing a high-end traditional wedding dress may not be the best choice – but hey you know best and there are no rules. As long as you’ve discussed it and have a blueprint to follow then anything goes.

Use Pinterest for inspiration on current styles. I recommend that you choose something that really says ‘you’. Whatever your day to day style is, you can reflect that in your choices but with a more formal or dressy look. You need to feel totally comfortable and at ease with what you’re wearing otherwise it will reflect in your attitudes and your enjoyment on the day. Think about your shoes – you’ll be wearing them all day so, if you’re not used to wearing three-inch heels don’t risk it.

Consider appointing a stylish friend to help out by being with you both when you choose your outfits. They’ll know what each of you are considering and so will be able to help you avoid major colour and style clashes. It goes without saying that you’ll want to wow your partner when you make your big entrance on the day.




lgbtq+ weddings frequently asked questionsThe Location – important considerations

If you’re planning a Wedding in another country, do your research thoroughly. Sadly, not all countries are accepting of lgbtq+ couples and some maybe particularly hostile and even have laws against same sex couples even holding hands or kissing in public. This lgbtq+ Weddings frequently asked questions is an important consideration for the success and happiness of your day.

Wherever you decide to have your special day, you don’t want to have it ruined by the attitudes of others. If you’re having a Ceremony in a public place, sadly, some members of the public who may be passing by may not be shy in making their feelings known.

This is your day and you don’t want anything to spoil it. With good research, planning and care you’ll have a wonderful day to remember full of love and laughter.




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