It’s a very worrying time with thousands of engaged couples around the world asking how will #covid19 affect my wedding plans. With travel overseas severely restricted and bans on unnecessary social gatherings or even ‘lock down’ situations in many countries around the world, many couples are asking ‘how will #covid19 affect my wedding plans’?

Let’s have a look at the options available to you going forward.






Postpone until next year

Destination Weddings were the first to be affected as flights were cancelled and borders closed.  Your venue can advise you on moving the date.  It may be best to move it to next year to avoid further issues.  Keep in contact with your Venue and suppliers and if you have Wedding Insurance read the small print carefully to find out what you can claim.

If your wedding day has been planned to take place in the UK over next three months your plans are most likely to be affected. You’ll probably have to postpone your wedding date until next year to be safe from further issues.

Contact your Venue for the latest updates and they will help you to decide on the next step.  Talk to them about re-arranging your date if you can.  They will work with you to help you find a date that’s convenient for you.  If you have a wedding insurance policy read it through carefully and find out what costs will be refunded to you.



Autumn Weddings

It’s impossible at this stage to know how #covid19 will affect weddings overseas or at home going into the Autumn. If travel continues to be restricted your wedding overseas won’t be able to go ahead as planned.  However, you’ll need to keep up with developments.

We all really hope that restrictions on large social gatherings will be lifted by the Autumn, so you might want to rearrange to later on in the year. Weddings at home are more likely to go ahead as we get to Autumn, but it really is impossible to know at this stage. It’s really a matter of waiting to see, and I advise you to contact your venue for updates and keep in regular contact with them.

You’ll need to contact your venue and your officiant first to find out what dates are available.  Then contact all of your other wedding suppliers – I expect they will be contacting you in any case.  If you have to cancel as you can’t agree on a new date, and you have Wedding Insurance read the small print and contact them if you need to make a claim or need advice.

Some venues and suppliers may not be available for the new date you want but they will be able to give you recommendations of other local suppliers so don’t be afraid to ask.  Most suppliers have built up relationships with other suppliers in their local area who’d they be happy to recommend to you.

If you don’t have insurance the I strongly recommend that you agree an new date with your venue, officiant and other suppliers so that you don’t lose monies already paid out.  Most wedding venues and suppliers are doing their utmost to find new dates.  It may be the case that you’re offered a mid-week date or an out of season date.  You should consult your contract and then negotiate as best you can.  These are difficult times for venues and suppliers as well as for wedding couples, as many will lose a large portion of their expected revenue this year.  I think it’s a time for flexibility and being open-minded and compassionate for us all.



Rethinking and scaling down your plans

With everything that’s going on at the moment you might not have the energy to reorganise the big wedding that you had originally planned.  It’s easy to understand why.  Many peoples priorities have changed over that past few weeks as couples come to terms with what’s happened and is still happening to us all.

If you can’t bear the thought of going through the big ceremony you had originally planned you with new dates, it is definitely worth consider having an intimate symbolic wedding ceremony.  This can be on a much smaller scale than your original plans and will be easier to arrange.

There are many small and intimate wedding venues where you can have a beautiful Ceremony crafted personally for you.  You can even have the Wedding in your own home or garden if it’s big enough. This will have to wait until the current Social Isolation period is over of course.  For those couples who are reconsidering and reassessing it could be the perfect solution.


Make it more intimate and have a special ceremony written just for you, that reflects you and your relationship.  Micro Weddings are much more personal and intimate and are perfect for couples who want something very personal and is all about them.

It doesn’t have to be looked at as ‘second best’.   An intimate wedding ceremony is a very beautiful and emotional ceremony with just the two of you exchanging your personal wedding vows and promises, or with a handful of close relatives and friends.  A Celebrant crafts a ‘one-off’ ceremony that is all about you and reflects your personalities and style.

It’s not a boring ‘off-the-peg’ legal ceremony.  One big advantage of a Symbolic Ceremony is that you can have your Wedding Ceremony anywhere you want it.  Whether that’s indoors or outdoors it’s entirely up to you.  The boring ‘legalities’ can be done at a Register Office at a later date or a few days before.

You can find lots of inspiration for your Wedding on Pinterest


What about a having your Symbolic Ceremony webcast?

You can have your  symbolic wedding ceremony webcast so that it can shared with your friends and family without them having to leave their homes.  It’s a wonderful way to include anyone who can’t attend.

If you want to protect your friends and family that fall into the ‘at risk’ group it also ensures that they continue to stay safe and still get to participate in your ceremony.  It’s also wonderful for friends and relatives all over the world to be a part of your special ceremony and you can also record it too, so that you can see it yourself and relive the beautiful moments as many times as you want to.

It gives you the best of all worlds – an intimate ceremony written just for you where your family members can see it live or watch it at a time to suit them. They will be safe at home with no risk to their health from corona virus.  And to top it all you get to see your ceremony too, whenever you want to.  As we slowly come out of this period of social isolation, a webcast ceremony is definitely an option to consider.


Are you planning your wedding for 2021 or later?

We are all looking forward to returning back to normal life and Wedding Planning for 2021 and 2022 is going on as you read this. I strongly advise all couples to have wedding insurance and make sure that you read the small print carefully to make sure you’re covered for all eventualities.  Although it’s too late to insure against Corona Virus, there are other circumstances where wedding plans can be disrupted and so I’d always recommend it.

Newly engaged couples should continue to research venues, officiants and suppliers and SAVE THE DATE as 2021 and 2022 will be busy as couples rearranging their original date will be looking at next year too.

When you’ve booked your venue date and your officiant you can have fun on your ‘mood boards’ (Pinterest is fantastic) and talk to wedding planners, florists, cakemakers, photographers, stylists, and all the other professionals who are waiting to help you make your wedding day special.  This is the fun part.  Take your time and above all enjoy it.


Staying positive

This is a totally unique situation which is affecting the whole world. All we can do is try and stay positive, keep safe and take care of our physical and mental health.

You’ll get your special day and covid19 will be a distant memory as you say ‘I do’ to your new husband/wife.

If you’d like to talk about any of the information above get in touch with me for a chat.

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