How to DITCH dull and boring Wedding Rules.

Oct 30, 2019

Fed up of silly rules and regulations?  This is how to have your Wedding Ceremony with no rules.  A Celebrant works with you to create a bespoke Wedding Ceremony all about you and your love story, from the day you met until the proposal.

Do you like to do things your own way?  A Celebrant crafts your ceremony based on your personalities and your wishes to create the Ceremony you’ve been dreaming of and officiates on the day.

There are many occasions when a Celebrant is the perfect answer for your special day:



1. You’ve found a wonderful Wedding venue and the ideal spot for the ceremony, but they said it wasn’t possible !



Maybe you’ve found a wonderfully unique spot for your ceremony in the grounds of your beautiful venue where you’d love to exchange your Vows and that would give you some great photos too.  But the Wedding Venue told you the Registrar wasn’t able to marry you in that particular location.  I understand if you’re confused about this after seeing so many images online of stunning outdoor wedding ceremonies.

There are so many beautiful scenic places to have a Wedding Ceremony but unfortunately a Registrar can’t perform the ceremony there.   The fact is a Registrar can only perform a ceremony in a designated ceremony area in a licenced venue.  This has to pre-approved and the ceremony must be performed under a permanent roof.

Did you know that a celebrant creates and officiates your Wedding Ceremony anywhere that you’d like it?  This could be a ‘blue sky wedding’ held under the open skies.  Maybe overlooking a beautiful view of a lake or at the riverside.  It could be under a lovely oak tree or in an orchard.  Perhaps a converted barn is more in keeping with your thoughts.  In fact you can have a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony anywhere outside or inside of your chosen venue.  The only limit is your imagination, accessibility and the permission of the venue.




2. You’d love to have a Bespoke Wedding Ceremony at your family home in or in your garden



It’s becoming very popular now to have your wedding at home.  It’s not possible for a Registrar to perform the ceremony. A Celebrant crafted ceremony is just perfect for occasions like this.  Your chosen Celebrant creates a Wedding Ceremony written especially for each couple.  It will reflect their personalities and include many personal references. If you’d like a ceremony at your home, and maybe in your garden, a Celebrant is the obvious choice.

You get the relaxed and intimate wedding that you want in the location of your choice, and without breaking the bank too.

It’s all about YOU!!


3. You’ve totally set your heart on having a Tipi Wedding



Tipi Wedding Location


This is not an option for a Civil Ceremony by a Registrar.  Because of the rule that they can only use a permanent structure with a roof it just isn’t an option.

However, none of these restrictions apply to a Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony.  There really are no rules or regulations to follow.

The Ceremony is relaxed and fun.  You will have the ultimate chilled-out day that you want. Tipi and Marquee style weddings are now a very popular choice for so many modern weddings.



4. You’re eloping! You’ve found a perfect, remote spot surrounded by nature.



Elopement Wedding Ceremony Bride and Groom

Many couples choose to have an elopement wedding.  They want something intimate and totally personal and romantic without the fuss and work of too much planning and organising.  It’s also a wonderful way to have a personalised Wedding Ceremony without breaking the bank.

As you know a registrar can only perform a Civil Ceremony in a licensed venue in a building with a permanent roof.  So this is a no no for a Registrar.

However, a Celebrant can craft a totally personal Wedding Ceremony, no rules, and officiate it absolutely anywhere!  By a lake, in a forest clearing, on a mountain with a spectacular view, on a secluded beach. The only thing to think about is accessibility, permission and weather.




5. You’re eloping abroad and would love to do something special with your friends and family when you return.




Intimate Wedding Ceremony

photo: Katrina Shannon

Have you decided on a quiet destination elopement wedding abroad, just the two of you and two witnesses.  Many couples do this, but perhaps you want to do something special with your friends and family too when you get back home.

A Celebrant will create a totally bespoke Symbolic Ceremony for you.  You can hold the ceremony wherever you want it to accommodate everyone.

A symbolic ceremony and exchange of vows in front of all your friends and extended family will be a wonderful occasion. No-one need miss out and you get to have two ceremonies. A perfect Wedding Ceremony, no rules.


6. You and your partner are from different religious or cultural backgrounds.



Mendhi hand painting

You’re in a dilemma.  You’re from different backgrounds or follow different beliefs.  You’ve spoken to your church or registrar and they can’t help you.  If you can’t get married in your place of worship, but you’d still like to include elements of your religion or culture in your Wedding Ceremony, a Celebrant is the perfect solution.  A Registrar isn’t allowed to include any religious elements in your Wedding Ceremony.

However, a Celebrant created Wedding Ceremony has no rules and your Celebrant is always happy to include special elements from different religions and customs. This makes a beautifully unique ceremony.  All about YOU!!    You’ll have a totally personalised ceremony created with your beliefs and important rituals at its core. What could be better!


7. You want to include some special symbolic or spiritual rituals that mean a lot to you.



Wine Ceremony Wedding Ritual

Because a Registrar is not allowed to include any religious or spiritual elements in the ceremony, this can make them a bit ‘dry’ and boring to be honest.

When it comes to a Celebrant crafted and officiated Wedding Ceremony with no rules, you have total freedom to have any spiritual elements and symbolic rituals that are important to you.  Ancient traditions and wedding rituals can be included. For example, handfasting, wine ceremony, candle ceremony, ring warming ceremony, sand ceremony. It will be totally unique.

It’s also ideal for couples from different cultures.  Special elements from each culture can be included in your bespoke ceremony. This is a wonderful way to make the ceremony so very personal and unique.

You can have the ceremony however you want it .

Choosing a Celebrant to Officiate your Ceremony opens up so many possibilities.

8. You are a couple who like to go beyond normal expectations and push boundaries. You like to break the mold.



equality and diversity

There are no rules or regulations with a Celebrant crafted and officiated Wedding Ceremony.

In any of the above circumstances a Celebrant created ceremony is a perfect fit. It is held anywhere that you want. It includes any elements that you want without restriction. You can even write your own wedding vows, from your heart.

It’s romantic, follows traditions, is fun, quirky. It’s whatever you want it to be. Make it as unique as you are. My ceremonies are for couples of any gender and any age, any belief system or religion. Each Ceremony is a total ‘one-off’ and written especially for you. Your love story is at the heart of the Ceremony and the Ceremony is at the heart of your day.

If you decide to choose a Wedding Celebrant for your Wedding, I’d love to work with you to create a Wedding Ceremony that reflects you and your life. Weddings, Second Time Around, Vow Renewal, Elopement, Destination Weddings.

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